All in Birth Stories

Titus Kyle | Piedmont Fayette Hospital Birth

Four weeks ago today, I had the opportunity to watch one of my best friends in the world become a mother. Alex & Jessica were admitted to the hospital on Monday night and began their induction on Tuesday morning. Everyone trickled in that morning with bags and cooler packed, ready to send their support from the waiting room. When I got there, Jessica was in good spirits and everyone was buzzing about the room with excitement. We set up the essential oils diffuser and settled in for the day. 

Mallory Jen | Piedmont Fayette Birth Photographer

I'll never forget the Sunday morning that Lauren called me to tell me she was pregnant. I knew she was supposed to take a test that morning, so I waited with anticipation, clutching my phone in my hand all morning. We had been suspicious for a few weeks, but it had been too early for her to take a test. As soon as the phone rang, I answered and knew from the moment I heard her voice that good news was soon to follow. This mama of two boys was soon going to be mama to a baby girl. 

Sarah Jane | Intimate Home Birth Story

Have you ever been confronted with a dream opportunity that seemed so far fetched, you weren't even sure it was a realistic dream? Shooting a home birth has been a dream of mine long before I ever knew I would be specializing in birth photography, so when Whitney approached me about shooting her intimate home birth I was THRILLED! Jon & Whitney were expecting their third baby and second daughter, Sarah Jane, who like her brother and sister would be born in the comfort of her own home.