Fine Art Portraits

Southeast Fine Art Film Photographer - Film Newborn Session

fine art maternity portraits

Maternity portraits are the best way to preserve this short, sweet season of growing with your baby. They're so much more than the latest Pinterest trend or your newest profile picture. It's being able to look back in 30 years together and say, "That was you and me", and talk all about the first time you felt a kick or how you felt when you took that first pregnancy test. These sessions are shot with a mixture of digital & medium format film in order to best showcase the beauty of motherhood.

fine art newborn portraits

It's your first week home and already your baby is changing so much. In the midst of figuring out nursing and sleep schedules, you're also trying to remember every detail of what those first days look, feel, and smell like. Newborn portraits are the perfect way to not only remember how small and sweet your days-old-baby was, but to also remember what those first days as a mother and a father felt like as well. These sessions are shot with a mixture of digital & medium format film.

Senoia + Peachtree City + Newnan Fine Art Family Photographer

fine art family portraits

Every year you think, "This is the year we'll finally have updated family portraits taken." And then the December 31st rolls around again and you realize another year has passed and your babies are another year older. Maybe you keep telling yourself, "Another 10 pounds and we'll book a session," or "I never look good in photos." Whatever the reason is, you keep putting it off and time just keeps on passing. Let me put your mind at ease and say that all you need to do is show up and I'll handle the rest. Take it from someone who has few family photos from their childhood, your kids won't care about those extra 10 pounds or if that photo was "Facebook-worthy", all they care about is that they have photos with you. These sessions are designed to showcase the family bond and to show you that having family portraits taken can be a fun, memorable experience with your kids. I use a mixture of both digital & medium format film in order to create timeless heirlooms for your family to hold onto for generations.